Coupler Module Leon

Coupler Leon

The LEON coupling module can electrify play consoles with free combinations
There are 6 registers with max. 64 (96) pipes and 3 manuals as well as the pedal supported.
 Further, 8 pistons and a Crescendo Pedal and a Swell Pedal can be connected.
For the free combinations the module TAST256 with connection possibility of
4x 64 switches or LEON 8 distributor with LEON input8 is available. With the extension module LEON Plus
There are another 8 registers available. Switches are connected to control the registers.
Every assignment from manual to manual or to a register is programmable.
The coupling functions:
P SUPER COUPLE (1 octave)
U SUBCOUPLE (1 octave)
2U SUBSUBCOUPLE (2 octaves)
Ci splitting into C Cis
NC splitting into C
NCi splitting into cis
PRIORITY Each priority button can be assigned a priority, selectable active on / off
thus, e.g. All reed pipes are switched ON / OFF with one switch.
ZUGMAGNET For each function, a slider action magnet can also be selected
Transpose + – 12HT
Registers up to 96 pipes are supported.