For years, we have been working with deep knowledge and a good sense of innovation to bring to light the Sonorgan organ system – only to match the needs and wishes of churches, organ builders and most of all the players. All that without making compromises and to the maximum satisfaction of all parties involed in our projects. Every single Sonorgan system has been built and designed to provide the best experience ever to the organist, while at the same time bringing the power and the sound of each organ to its maximum and beyond.

Being modular by design, every instrument can be individually designed during construction and even modified and extended later to match the customers needs. Simplified architecture, shorter construction phases and reliable project planning are only some of the benefits of this design philosophy. As such, each and every Sonorgan installation can be taylored exactly to the local requirements, leaving you with a state-of-the-art instrument and a safe and longterm investment.

From scratch all relevant safety standards have been a crucial part of our internal specifications. At the same time, we have been working hand in hand with leading concert artists and expert organists. Their feedback, suggestions and creative ideas have been an invaluable input for us to deliver the best of all for church service and live concerst.